Thursday, June 25, 2009

"Hints for Immigrants" by Carl De Haas 1848

We've just discovered that the book "North America Wisconsin Hints for Immigrants" by Carl De Haas is online at the Wisconsin Historical Society website.

What makes this so special is that Carl De Haas is my great-great-grandfather. He wrote this information to help friends from Germany who might wish to immigrate to America.

He begins with advice on passage to America and warnings on packing for the journey. Much of the book is about farming. He mentions the friendliness of the neighbors and how spread out the cities are in America. Having come from Berlin this was quite different.

You can go to the site and read the entire book which has been translated into English. It gives a great picture of the life of an immigrant farmer. De Haas was a well educated man and soon turned to journalism for the rest of his life.